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I created a GIG in the past two weeks,yet i got no order


Hi buddies,

I created a gig for the past two weeks now,i stay on line, visit seller’s buyer request,i normally send at least 5 of my offers daily,

Yet i got no order.

please help


Hi there,

There could be numerous reasons behind this; such as but not limited to:

One: Your stock image of “proud-businesswoman-office-using-laptop-700x466.jpg” is a false misrepresentation of yourself and buyers are becoming increasingly savvy to this:

Two: Given that you are using a misleading profile image, your country says USA and your language is listed as “Native English” but the text within your profile and gigs is poorly written, you are again misleading buyers and most likely using a fake location.

Three: Let’s not even go into the Master’s degree listed on your profile

It seems you have fallen into the common misconception that misleading buyers will generate sales. That’s your first and mostly likely biggest mistake.

I recommend altering your profile to legitimately portray yourself or your business, offer services you are qualified to do and don’t assume that lying generates sales. Fiverr is a global marketplace with many successful sellers from all over the world - be honest with your buyers and you’ll attract custom.

Expert Advice to improve my gigs

thank regarding your reply,i will make all necessary changes