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I created a great song from scratch with bass/drums and 4 guitar tracks for 5 dollars, why wont i be recognized?

I don’t know anyone out there that does as much work as i do for that little money. I mean surely someone always are but i havent come across any. What am i doing wrong?


Thousands of people write great songs from scratch. What are you doing to be better than those people (i.e., your competitors), and convince music lovers to hire you, instead of your competition? Standing on the proverbial street corner and shouting your wonders into the wind is not how you find new fans of your music. The world – yes, even the business world – doesn’t work this way.

There are many talented people who the world does not know about. If you want to be recognized, do something that captures the attention of those who need what you have to offer.


I would try doing something more niche.

Like offering original music for YouTubers, etc. YouTube creators and other video creators need original music that won’t get them into copyright trouble.


well, if you charge $5 every 60sec i don’t see why you should create a whole song for only $5, of course you are doing something wrong…

There’s people that will resell your services so don’t do that, you never know for whom you are working for.
Also allow you more time to do the job, 2 days is enough but if you start selling a lot or you get a like 3 orders at the same time you won’t have enough time to think… well that’s me, 3 days at least to compose.

Greetings from the south

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I have a couple of days a week when i actively persue gigs pretty desperately, doing things for free, grow relations etc. I didn’t think about that each 60 sec thing, heh.
I have finished all my requests within the day so far.

@leejohnsonvideo Thats not a bad idea, wow. I already have a editing gig. ty

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I didn’t mean to frame myself as a god? All i say is that from my experience i am willing to go a step further than some i have met so dont twist my words too much; but i get what you mean. Thanks.

And I never suggested anything about you being a god.

I’m not twisting your words, rather, I was merely pointing out that you are not the only one who is as skilled as you, nor are you the only seller as desperate for sales. There are plenty of other sellers also “willing to go a step further”. What you are doing right now is not unique. My encouragement was to get you thinking of what DOES make you unique…

What makes YOU unique in ways no one else on this planet can be? When you find that thing, then you have have a selling point that, if nurtured correctly, could become your door to success, profit, and recognition.

Point of fact… the world had never seen anything like Elvis before he came along, and that helped him become the King of Rock’n’Roll. Musical groups like The Beatles, Madonna, and Lady Gaga could say the same thing within what makes them unique and memorable. Don’t be desperate… be unique and strategic. Strategy usually leads to success.

Don’t just “step further”… step out. Outside-the-box. THAT is what makes someone recognizable.

You are articulating yourself more precise but the underlying smudge of me being a noob on the market still remains, and is true. You have probably met more people than me here since this is my first month but I’ve been in the buying part quite a bit too.
What im simply saying is that out of my experience no one except from one drummer has offered to do extra work. I might have come across more greedy people than you this weekend when its a fact they are brand new one the site, even more than i, not offering a single extra service than whats in the gig description.
I try to keep myself free from frustration, but basically being blackmailed by someone i hired has fueled my frustration too for sure. I appreciate your attempt to help me to be unique, it most certainly is the key. Well, no luck this week, all i can do is switch it up and offer more as i already have. Two new gigs. I’ve offered hourly deliveraly while offering to film myself and sync the video up. I need to think of thumbnails and attention grabbers plus a gig video displaying more of what i can do on the guitar. Possibly adding a bass/keyboard/ gig. Thank you Jonbaas.

Nothing I have written to you was done out of greed. :neutral_face:

Shame to hear that, i mean it sucks to pay for a job that doesn’t even get done.
No, i didn’t get that vibe neither :))

Oh lol i feel bad, more greedy people than you have met this weekend* that is whats its supposed to say.