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I created a new account, but no Orders no views. WHY?


Hello, I’m new to fiverr. There are no Orders for me. What to do?

Fiverr CS is not supports. Help me please


Exactly how new are we talking about?

It’s 5:00AM in…places. Give it a few hours.


make sure you have checked the ‘live portfolio’ box on all of your gigs when you click on My Gigs. If not it will not be appearing on fiverr’s live portfolio


reply to @troublesome

  1. Be patient. It can a month or more for a first sale.

  2. Add content to your profile. Let folks know who you are, education, experience.
  • Experienced Graphic Artist with over 2 years experience. Say something here about your experience and the kind of work you’ve done. Say where you learned to be a Graphic Artists.

  1. Beef up your gig description.
  • Explain what exactly the gig is.
  • What the buyer gets and how fast.
  • Choice of colors?
  • More details.

  1. Add video of you (or attractive model) wearing t-shirts with designs you’ve created.

  2. Test your keywords.

  3. Be patient. It can a month or more for a first sale.

    Best wishes.


What works for me are these strategies:

  1. Having a few 24 hours gigs.

  2. Copy other successful fiverrs and see what gigs they have and then create yourself some.

  3. Create a video for your gigs.