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I created a new gig and it is active but it never shows in any searches help please

Problem 1
Now, whenever I open gig section to see the number of impressions, clicks and view a message displays “We’re working on getting your Gigs’ impressions, clicks, and views back online. No worries - your Gigs are active, and all the metrics are calculated as usual.” from last one week. At first, I thought maybe server issues. but now it is one week long Fiverr is showing this message. Why so?

Problem 2
Whenever I search my gig it is not displayed in the search list also.
I don’t know what to do


You have no idea how much this irritates me.


Fiverr working on this issue. hope we will get the result soon.

this is not the Fiverr issue, there is a couple of things you can do it as following below…

  1. Look over your gig completely, if you have optimezed in the right manner, you must wait for a couple of days & search again.

  2. When you search your keywords, slide on ONLINE SELLERS it may help you to find your gig easily if it will be available on the last pages.

  3. if the above mention does not work. optimized your gig description, title & tags perfectly, it will really help you to boost your gig in Fiverr search results.

thank you for your good suggestion.I am starting it now.Because I need work

I can’t find my gigs through searching either. Kinda crappy. I’m just starting out too. I couldn’t believe I got sales. And they came from me posting on facebook groups! Not Fiverr search

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For me my gigs took couple of days tell i have found them on search pages,m. So, do not edit the gigs and wait couple of days and then search for them again.
But most importantly, do not edit the gig more than one time a month. Because, editing it may affect it.

One more thing, target a search keyword and put it in your title and in the keyword section of your gig. This will help a lot.

Hope that i have helped all of you.

You should optimized your gig images with keywords. @topshelfseo

You should optimized off-page SEO of your gig images with related keywords