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I created facebook fan page to promote my gigs


Guys, I created a facebook fan page for my business.

Would I be allowed at the end of the delivery to put the link and ask for customers to like my page in order to stay up to date with all of my offers, tips and etc?


You are not allowed to do that…

The buyer will have opportunity to contact you outside the platform.


No, absolutely not - one way ticket to account loss!


Then I will use the page to promote my gigs and drive traffic to my fiverr profile. Or maybe it would be best to terminate the facebook page?


No, don’t delete it - use it to drive traffic as you mentioned - that’s fine! :slight_smile:


Drive traffic only, never share the link to your customers.

If you ask me, let everything happen naturally.


I let everything happen naturally. But I wanted to do a testing if I can really drive some traffic using social media.But I guess I should spend a lot on boosting.


I would say that you should target US customers, but based on my experience that target group is really expensive.