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I created my first two gigs guys.....needs your support and tips

I created my first two gigs guys.Need your support and tips.


How can I promote my gigs

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do marketing on various social platform.

You may find these articles useful:


Hi bro, Welcome to the Fiverr community.

I share some of my tips

  1. Be online
  2. Respond to buyer request professionally
  3. Share your gigs in social media platforms

Thank you and best of luck :v: :v:

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  1. BE AWESOME: Deliver a great product. …
  2. BE VERY NICE: Customer service. …
  3. FAST DELIVERY: All your customers will want to be priority #1. …
  4. LAST WORD: Leave unique feedback to every review. …
  5. DIVERSIFY YOUR PORTFOLIO: If you’re not getting views, it could be because you’ve only got one gig .
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Thanks bro… it’s great to hear from you

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Thanks bro, for your valuable suggestions

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