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I created my gig in a weak by following all the ranking secrets

Hi everyone, hope you all be doing well. This time I followed all ranking secrets but still getting very very low impressions, click and views. And on the other hand, my other gig’s statistics are showing ok.
Can you please help me to rank my gig by giving me suggestions of changing tags descriptions etc…Please
Here is link of my gig
Thanks in advance…


By secrets you mean: Stay online 24/7 (use auto refresh plugin), exchange favorite gigs with fellow sellers, maybe exchange some reviews with fellow sellers, fill the thumbnail with words and pictures of other people :slight_smile:
Hardly a secret, more like bad advice from people who have no idea how the algorithm works.
Try this new amazing secret: Scout for gigs in your niche that actually sell and try to do something similar in style (not copy their gig).


I didn’t try one of them you described. By secretes mean
I made my gig image by own
I used keywords in description
saved image by keyword and them upload
used appropriate tags
professional gig description


That’s not a secret and definitely has nothing to do with ranking. that’s just basic, very basic part of your work.


I believe your English level is not really suitable for transcribing English video/audio. This might be an issue. Another issue would be the fact that you are from Pakistan and people who buy these services are probably looking for a native American/British seller, so when they use the filters, you don’t appear in search.
I personally see your thumbnail unprofessional. By unprofessional I mean crowded, generic image that has nothing to do with what you are selling, poor background choice. Try an image that looks like this: .MP4 -> .docx/.PDF
.MP3 -> .docx/.PDF

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Can you please elaborate what’s your meant by your comment like

What’s wrong with my English?

Looks nice. Best of luck :slight_smile:

This. “What’s I mean by my comment like” is: Your English level is basic. Basic English level is not suitable for English transcriptions. It’s only suitable for basic conversations.

@sabrinazahir Thanks

Thanks for your response.
I am a new seller on fiverr and learning things , so hope i’ll become an expert like you one day.