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I created some gigs. is it Good or Bad?

I am new in FIVERR. I created some gigs. is it Good or Bad? Here is my Link:


You should move your topic to correct category, means either “My Fiverr Gigs” or “Improve My Gig” if you want to list your Gig link on forum post.

Second option is to remove the link from your post.

Remove the unapproved URL link from your Gig descriptions.

You may want to read this article Help & Suport . At the very bottom of the page you’ll find a list of approved URLs that may be used in Gig’s description and/or in your profile.

And finally, your Gigs images look outstanding. Good job!

EDIT: However, I found some typos in some of the images. You may want to correct eg RESTURANT to RESTAURANT, etc.

Thanks and good luck!


Vouchure also.
And Satarday from flyers.
and speacial
natarul ingrediants

Are you want - Should be Do you need

and plus many more…

And please correct your pricing.

You say you will do that poster for 5$. if this is true you can not ask for more when client makes order. You can not “attract” them with low price and then tell them “Sorry mam I have been working for 15 hours for you and only 5$ you think that fair?”

Yes! It is fair. You set the price and if you have to work 12 24 48 hours to get the poster done the way client wants, it is his right, plus you offer unlimited revision.

I am thinking of hiring you just because you posted GIG with neon sing “Here I am, exploit me”.


Plus your skills and education appear real and you could be promoted by Fiverr team but they do not like those who undervalue their work. I have never seen new sellers with 5$ starting price getting Rising star badge or promoted badge.


So you’re telling me I can pay $5 and you’ll get me a poster like the ones shown on your gig image in 24 hours and unlimited revisions? Are you sure about that? Please let me know. Because if so, I’ll be hiring you every day, pay you like 100 bucks a month to have you working full time and then re-sell the posters for 10 times the price. Great deal for me, sounds like.


The OP seems to be very generous because I could eventually get the work for free.

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

Why to spend $5?

No matter how bad/wrong/suspicious those Gigs are set up, I still love those image baits.

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