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I´d love some advice about sharing my gigs

I´m not really good with advicing myself through media, basically because I don´t really know where or how to share my abilities. I´m aware part of it comes from shyness, which I´m trying really hard to overcome. I would be so thankfull to hear some advice as I just started a few days ago and figured out waiting to get notice will do nothing. I´m trying to take on any action!!!


Maybe this can help you: Marketing Yourself - Just Do It - Here's How - UPYOUR


May you succeed in what you are going to do.

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Thanks so much!!! I appreciated a lot

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You have to just start.

The difference between a certain bouffant president, a certain Kardashian hugging Rapper, and you is Front.

If you are doing crappy work, then don’t offer it to your loved ones (or anyone really). If you are doing good work (or your best at least) then let your loved ones (and those around you) know that this is a thing that you do. If you were a Librarian, would you hide that? So if you make logos or sell magic spells online how is that any different?

Get the link to your Gig or Profile and simply pop it on your Facebourke or Instaham page. Done.

You are now marketing.


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Wow. Honestly your answer just hyped me up even more!! Loved the first line. And you are so right!! I´ll try my hardest.

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