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I dedicate my freelancing career to my

It was 11:00 pm, when i got the knock from my first client on fiverr. I was happy but more than that I was anxious, I still remember that my hands were shaking, I was just thinking what should i write? If i write something wrong the client might just go, So i was so nervous.

Than i just let my feelings shut a bit and try to give a brief idea about all my wordpress related services to the client, I think i might able to make him interested in my service, so he placed an order.
Though i got my first order but still i couldn’t believe, so i didn’t told anything about it to my family, specially to my mother(cause she was praying real hard for me to get the first order), I planned that i would only tell them if i complete the order successfully with 5 star rating.

I worked really hard for the project and guess what, I completed my first order with a 5 star review and a great review, But the real happiness i got when i told about it to my mom and she was sooo happy, i saw tear in her eyes. i wish i could capture that moment. It just feels great when you get the chance to do something for your family specially for your parents, the hardships they’ve experience just to make me stand on my feet. So Alhamdulillah, I thank god that he gave me the chance to do something for my mom and dad through an awesome platform like Fiverr at the age of 19,
It’s the greatest feeling of my life.

So I dedicate my freelancing career to my sweetest MOM and super cool DAD.

Thanks to Fiverr.


I’ll bet your parents are ever so proud of you - well done, and here’s to many more orders! :sunny:


I try my best to make them proud. Thank you very much and yeah there’s still a long way to go…:slightly_smiling_face: @offlinehelpers


What a lovely post. You have made a great start.
Best wishes for your success! :slightly_smiling_face:


This is incredibly sweet! Congrats!

My mom was also really excited when I told her about Fiverr. She comes and checks on my profile from time to time. It’s a great feeling to be able to profit through your hard work, and I’m sure that with this motivation you’ll be able to make them even prouder!


Thanks @somaginer1996 .
Oh really your mom does?
My mom does it too, my mom’s always like "did you get any order? did you deliver the order, it’s just few hours remaining?"
But yes it does motivates me a lot, when you see there happy faces you get the feeling that you can work even more harder to be just able to see those happy faces again…


Thank you very much @lloydsolutions ,
I don’t know if the post is lovely but the moments i’ve experienced was more lovelier than that,
I just tried my best to express that in this beautiful place with all these lovely people.:slightly_smiling_face:


REALY love your story ^^
Keep the good work :wink:


Thank you very much!
I’ll try my best…

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A very nice post! All the best to you :wink:



You are a super cool child. Ofcourse, We would lOve to see your parents photograph if you want to show us .
Please send them Greetings from Us .

Wish You all the best


Very good writing… Your passion for working hard will make you more successful in Freelancing career…


Hi @khalid277144,

I just want to let you know I am happy for you! I wish you many more orders and a fantastic Fiverr experience.

Say me hi to your sweet parents.

Love sent! :blossom::tulip::blush:


Thank you very much and glad that you liked my writing.
Please do remember me in your prayers…:blush: @shuvo3000

Thank you very much @dijatul ,
I would love to show the pics but unfortunately i didn’t capture any,
Because at those moments you don’t remember anything, you just wish to look at those smiles forever.
But next time i’m gonna capture some pic and send those to you, for sure…:slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @james_polamz_k
I’m really glad,
And yes i’ve delivered your hi and love to my parents…:blush:

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Congrats khalid277144. It’s amazing. Not explain anymore.

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Happy to know that i got a similar person like me

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