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I deleted all my gigs and started from scratch

I made a drastic decision as the year began - I decided to delete all my gigs and created new ones. I had read of the dangers of taking this route but I felt I needed to. So, this is me sharing my experience in case there is someone out there wondering if they should recreate their gigs or just keep editing them.

When I joined Fiverr as a seller, I wasn’t sure which services to offer so I started of as a jack of all trades. But after a while, I quickly niched down and edited my old gigs to represent that. The only problem was I now had gig URLS that told a totally different story from the gig description. And that bothered me so much that I decided to recreate them.

I was on pins and needles because I didn’t know how this experiment would turn out. But after a couple of months, I have no regrets. Here is what I have learned so far from the experiment;

  • I am getting almost the same number of impressions but at least I am getting the right traffic

  • My income has improved. But I think this is because I raised my rates.

  • I am no longer attracting requests from random clients who are not interested in the services I am offering.

  • I have no way of proving this but I suspect my conversions would be better if I had more reviews

*I had to depend on returning clients at first before my new gigs started ranking again. I also had to let go of some old clients in order to focus on one niche.

So I guess it is safe to say that deleting your gigs to recreate them can be a good thing. But only do this if you really need to change the gig URL. Also, do your own cost-benefit analysis because it could potentially affect your sales