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I deleted my first gig

I deleted my first gig after getting my first order and review, because of low impressions and fewer clicks. Now I am straggling to get an order, I think it was my big mistake in the way of growing my profile in Fiverr.

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Don’t worry. first doing research then Create a gig. and share it on other platforms.

Thank you for your advice @ Razibul-hasan. I am trying my level best to find the right track to improve my profile. I had no ideas about the forum before, just a couple of days ago I invented This beautiful platform where everyone sharing their experience about the fiver what they have gathered.

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I regularly delete Gigs of mine.

I do sort of a house cleaning once or twice a year.

Any Gigs that are not performing well get deleted.

Sometimes I will replace them with new Gigs or not bother to replace them at all.

BTW, deleting Gigs does not delete ratings, so for anyone thinking that 1 or 2-Star ratings on a Gig will disappear after deleting the Gig, that won’t happen.

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Thank you for sharing your valuable experience @ looseink. I was upset for deleting my that gig.

Welcome to our forum family. :sunflower:
you can spend some time in the forum for knowing more information. :upside_down_face:

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