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I deliver file but fiverr told me that I did not attach

Hello, I got an order and deliver with a button and file attached, but Fiverr issued me a warning and canceled the order. They said that I either did not attach a file, or I attached an incomplete file. But My work has only one file and it is attached.

So no problem with order cancelation but I have a problem with marking my account as it has some problems. What should I do to handle this?

Hi, If you are sure that you sent file but not shows then contact with CS. Thank you. All the best.


Are you sure ? On your account it says that your recent delivery was 8 months ago


Hopefully you won’t get a bad review from the order, as it will be your first review. Since you can’t be demoted from level zero you don’t have anything to worry about.

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You might want to make sure with your next deliveries that the file(s) you sent are really attached.

Check if the files show as attached on your delivery message, maybe even take a screenshot. In case it shows up fine on your side but still doesn’t reach the buyer and they complain to support instead of asking you if you forgot to attach it, you’ll have a proof to show to support.
Annoying to have to remember it and waste time on, I know, but perhaps better than another warning, especially for the same issue, which may then lead to a ban.


I am sure that I have attached, and when I go to order page right now I find it attached and sent. The issue of being seen that last order was 8 months ago is a part of the problem. Again, before that, on normal chat with my customer I got a message said that I can no longer contact the buyer. This was before I delivered. However I did my part by delivering the work.

Can you download the file and see if it opens correctly on your computer?

If not, it is possible that your file did not upload correctly and/or has become corrupted somehow.

Also, are you saying that this matter concerns an order which you delivered 8-months ago?

If you can open your delivered file, can you right click on your buyers’ username and view their profile? If not, it is possible that they have used a chargeback against you. However, this should not result in a warning for not delivering.


Can you see if the buyer still has an account?


Then did you send a screenshot of that to support? And try to download it, like Cy suggested, obviously.