I deliver Leads for Local Marketers!


I run a great gig at http://fiverr.com/diggitydog/send-you-200-google-places-business-leads-any-industry-any-keyword-for-us-uk-canada-australia-argentina-hungary-romania-or-singapore which will get you some very targeted leads based on the Location and the Profession/Occupation of the target.

If you do local marketing, this is invaluable! As a gig extra, I can let you know things like whether they have a Mobile site, Facebook page or Twitter account. I can tell you their Search Engine Rankings position in Google for the main Keyword. And much , much more! Hit me up!


That sounds like a great gig, good luck with it and great success


Thanks! If anything, I am struggling a little to actually explain just how useful this gig is for the right people.


You will get it, it takes to find your footing and bring the right people to your gig… keep plugging along and good luck


Diggity, the key is your “insider language”.

That is, “local marketers” know WHO they are… But people who arn’t “local marketrs” don’t know if they’re not local marketers because they thing, Yeah, I need local business to my “shoe shine shop” LOL

So where I’d focus is saying something like “If you don’t call yourself a local marketer, this gig isn’t for you. If you do, this gig is BANK!”


Reply to anarchofighter: You lost me, please explain the definition of “local marketer” I am confused now


anarchofighter you’re spot on! I get inquiries from pizza joints asking me if I can send more business their way!

to tn5rr2012, the way we’re using the term “local marketer” here is someone who helps out Local Businesses with their marketing needs. As in, a guy that wants to build Mobile Sites for all the local plumbers is who my gig is targeted at.


Why don’t you use that leads for your own?


SmartPad, some people are better at lead generation than at closing the sale.

Lead generation is a great and honorable business model. Remember, everyone wanted those Glenn Gary Leads :slight_smile:

And TN5RR, DiggityDog explained it, if you’re still confused let me know I’ll send you to a video explaining “Local” as a niche form of marketing consulting.

OH< that might help you Diggity. Say “Attention Local Marketing CONSULTANTS” and make that your all caps word!


Reply to diggitydog: Thank you for explaining that to me that makes a lot of sense and sounds like a great gig to offer


Reply to @smartpad: I Do! :wink:


Reply to @anarchofighter: Love the reference to the Glengarry Glen Ross film, lol.

Thanks for the tip about “Attention Local Marketing CONSULTANTS”. Do you mean to put that in the Name of the gig?


Reply to @anarchofighter: Good point. Sales is not always the easiest for some, so finding what you are good at is key.