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I deliver my order delivery within 2 minutes after place an order

This is my old buyer. He knocked me for his work, I did his work as we discuss on inbox. After completed his work he placed an order then I deliver this order immediately.
so my question is, If i deliver my order delivery within 2 minutes after place an order. Will i face any problem for this issue?



Really? what was the job? @rubel_hasan

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No. Why would you? Other than if the work you offer should take more than 2 minutes I guess. Good for you having a Gig that only takes you 2 minutes to work on and deliver. As long as you are delivering work within the time frame that you offer on your Gig and are not late, you are fine.

I know that in what I do, if I were to deliver in 2 minutes, my clients would think I didn’t put much effort or thought into what I did!



I have finished a gig in 2 or so minutes before.

It was a very simple job, a buyer went to Japan, bought a post card,
and wanted to know what it said, so he asked me to translate it.
Since it was just 2 sentences, it was done in 2 minutes.

This is quite an extreme case though. If I got a gig that I can finish in 2 minutes
all the time, that’ll be so great…


Yes I have seen such gigs. Those services can be done in just few minutes. Fast delivery is better. Buyers love fast delivery. But don’t let your buyer feels that you did something not worth the money he paid. So if you deliver fast make sure it is a perfect delivery which is likely to be accepted first time. If there were any problem your client might think that you are not work oriented. So it won’t be good for your gig ratings. Hope you got my point :slight_smile:

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This is completely fine…

I usually have repeat buyer asking for source file or very small job like color change

I usually do it very very fast as well and never had any issues other than having a very happy customer


this was a website issue

@genuineguidance thank you, clear now…

Sometimes my regular clients ask for some minor jobs that take minutes but I wait 20-30 minutes to deliver.

Call me paranoid but I don’t want to trigger any fiverr bots with something that may potentially look like an empty or a fraudulent delivery of some sort.

I also think it’s a good practice to teach clients that things take time. Even if that time is 15 minutes. You’ll get less demands to send things RIGHT NOW that way.


@priyasumit786 yes, something like that.