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I deliver my orders on time but Fiverr shows that i am getting late why?

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I recently get 2 orders and work on it and deliver these orders within time.but the timer still show that i forward my order late.I go to the Fiverr customer support but as usual they are silent. I deliver second order on time but timer still show that i deliver late order.What is this happen?.I am surprised That fiverr is a very big name.How much time they will take to give improvement and make their system ideal.Because i face a lot of trouble on it. And they will get 30% on per order.And we as a seller happy to give them.
I apologize if someone angry with my post because truth is bitter. And UN fortunately i am a very straight forward person
Please please please fiverr improve your entire system specially customer support system
Thank you

How did you deliver the order - messaging or using the delivery button … ?

Has the buyer asked for a revision … ?

Fiverr gets 20% of each order.

Yes, I am. I do not need to set up a storefront then. I can stay at home where I am comfy and safe.

Did your buyer ask for a revision? The only time I see a #LATE# sign is if I deliver the order on time, but the buyer asks for a revision. :thinking:

I did not think of that! :zipper_mouth_face:

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Hi Coredelion.
i deliver the order on submit button and buyer also receive within time and he did not complain with order delivery.I think fiverr website within maintenance process so the problem occur.

Through messaging because delivery button will not work.

If you delivered through messaging instead of through the order page delivery button, then the timer will continue.

Always deliver using the delivery button on the order page.

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