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I delivered 2 Hours Late, Im worried

This is the first time it happened when i delivered it 2 hours late, Due to technical fault on my system (PC). My Motherboard blew due to thunder, It took a lot of time to find a good Motherboard and get my system running.

I keep getting a message that it would decrease my sales by 10%. Im totally worried what will happen. WIll i be able to maintain 5.0 Rating. Though i have fully satisfied Buyers.

What will happen?? Tell me.
Need advice from Experienced sellers.

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Don’t worry, if you delivered within 24 hours after the order is marked late nothing serious will happen, you’re “Delivered on time” rate will decrease ,no big deal, focus on your orders instead.


Don’t worry. You obviously don’t want to continue being late but you’re alright. Be worried more about not getting 5 star ratings. I was late a few weeks ago because I didn’t receive the right artwork from the customer and my sales haven’t dropped.

In the future you can ask for an extension for the delivery so you wont be late.

1st important thing: Do not deliver project until you have finished it. It will be breaking of Fiverr TOS.
2nd Contact with the client. Tel him/her details & ask for a time extension. 95% buyer are friendly :wink: He/She will understand your issue (if you can describe properly)
Delivering project in time is a factor of gig ranking, but more important is to keep buyer happy :wink:
Good Luck


Due to technical fault on my system (PC). My Motherboard blew due to thunder, It took a lot of time to find a good Motherboard and get my system running.

You could use a good uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for in the future, assuming you don’t already. Hopefully that should reduce the chance of similar issues occurring again.

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At some point or another we will all experience computer issues, power failures, etc. I would enable the Fiverr app on my phone (and Ipad or other tech if you have it) so you can contact the client and explain the problem and through the conflict resolution section, ask for a bit more time.

Then as said above, move on to future orders and push forward. This is only a temporary setback and you’re in this for the long haul.
I wish you success!

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Please explain the 1st point??

We delivery it when it is finished right??

My current delivered on time stat:


When I unpause my gig, I ALWAYS get at least 10 orders in the span of a few hours.

No need to worry about it.


That’s amazing. And you’re still level 2 also. I just searched for your gig under your category and didn’t see it but maybe it takes a while to appear after you unpause it.

So your rate of being delivered on time has zero affect on where your gig is placed.
Yours must be a special case, manually selected for a prime spot.

You have it marked as 6 days delivery. Why not move that back some?


Yeah. I only unpaused about 2 hours ago. Will be paused right after a client places an order. Just waiting for her to wake up.

I am not accepting orders under my account any more bar with regular customers, so no need to change the gig delivery time frame on it. Most people are now ordering instantly when I unpause it (the people I send the custom orders too), so it is never unpaused enough for me to get regular orders in now.

Got tired of catering to Fiverr customers who insist on it being 100% perfect at this price. A misplaced comma and they complain at me. Like, how long do they want me to spend on this work? After 3 rejections of content for being ‘mediocre’ (and then me subsequently selling it on to my regular clients for 10-20x more than Fiverr people are paying), I decided I really could not be bothered any more. So much stress.

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I would take extra special care about late deliveries when you are able to because most people do not get ranked well or have great sales if they have delivered many, many late orders. I just know that from years of reading forum posts and seeing people lose levels and sales over lots of late orders or 1-star late reviews. There are some people who have so many reviews that they might be an exception.

With all that scary stuff said, though, I don’t think you have anything at all to worry about when you have an occasional and unavoidable late delivery. You did a good job by getting your computer fixed as fast as you could and just barely running 2 hours late. Everyone has life issues that cause something like this from time to time. I once had a medical issue that prevented me from getting online at all for 24 hours and I’ve delivered a few hours late a couple of times. It hasn’t impacted me heavily. Pausing my gigs has had a bigger effect on my rank and sales than late deliveries, though things have resolved as long as I keep doing the best I can. Good luck and try not to stress!