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I delivered a gig and the clock is still clicking

WTF any one else have this issue?

I have. waiting for their reply. I did the screen record of it too

Happening to me now. Just delivered a few gigs and the clock is going. Anyone get a timely response from CS with a reason yet?

I created a ticket and waiting.

I’m having the same problem. Delivered about 45 minutes ago and it’s still in my to do list with the clock ticking.

Having the same problem, sent a ticket to CS, waiting… (Orders due soon… :expressionless: )

Yup,site is going crazy again

CS resopnse:

Hi there,

It appears that the Deliver message did not go through, could you try sending the message again?

I have 3 times and one with out a file and the clock still counts down.

Your order is now showing Delivered.



What was the issue?

There was a delay but if you noticed this again, let us know.

I guess the issue is with some new options they are posting now, I noticed next to the deliver button a small button that says save draft. Maybe this is causing the issues… updates

Also having this problem. Had a few orders show up earlier as needing a modification although there was no messages within them.

Me2 same problem. 4 gigs delivered, clock still ticking :frowning:

Same exact problem. :confused: I delivered it before it was due but now that the clock has expired, I even got an email saying that it was late and needed to be delivered soon. :frowning:

Yup, same for me… delivering orders and they’re coming through as “conversation” instead of final orders… particularly problematic since some of these are “rush” orders… FIVVER, help us out here!

Reply to @nystrele: I’m having the same problem, You need to submit a request with customer support, let them help you.

The same problem!

Recommendations (about browser) did not help to solve it!

Let’s wait for the news!

Same Problem Here, Damnt it!

Anyone get a response on whether this is going to be fixed or not tonight? I don’t have anything due but if there is a chance it will be fixed tonight, that would be great. I did want to wrap up some orders, but not if they’re just going to keep ticking down.

the problem is, what if the time will end? we’ll loose the order? and the money, and out work is for free?

:slight_smile: Don’t you just luv the new fiverr ?

And I found a new glitch… if a buyer requests a modification,you can’t see what he wrote :slight_smile: you can only see that he requested a revision…but not what’s the revision about