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I delivered a good product exactly as advertised and the customer destroied my career on fiverr

I delivered a good product exactly as advertised and the customer destroied my career on fiverr leaving me a 1 star review.The customer didn’t read the description before ordering and when he recived it he wanted the money back.The thing is that I ve already send him a perfect functional bot with installation instructions.I delivered very fast.I couldn’t accept the order cancellation after he already recived the product.Ex: I won’t go to a store, buy an icecream and after going back to ask for the money back because I didn’t like the taste of it.So, what should I do??


my personal opinion is that we should treat the buyer very well.
its not just fiverr,its about any business.because it we depends on our this issue i think you should talk to the buyer. give him a better service.then his response will be good
anyway never give up

Ask customer support to remove his review and explain that client changed his mind after purchasing and asked for cancellation after you already did the work and delivered.

They will offer you to cancel order and give refund to buyer, you will lose money but also the negative review.

You do not have option to keep the money and lose the review so decide how you want to proceed and make better description and mandatory requirements to avoid this in future,


Its not a new thing here. Some buyers don’t even read descriptions. They just order. Even though you contact CS, the review won’t be removed. Its a right of the buyer to give the review as he/she what. So only this is get move on. Just neglect that. You had a bad day in fiverr. That’s it. More good days will come to you. Don’t give up!

First of all, I don’t think your career on Fiverr is destroyed because of a single negative review. I got a 3-star review today because I was 15 minutes late on a revision request. That’s all it takes. I mean - I don’t think I deserved to get a 3-star review because the revised delivery was 15 minutes late, but it is what it is, and all you can do is apologize and move on. It’s not like one negative review among many positive ones will “destroy” your career. It’s not fun, not at all, but that’s part of being a freelancer on a platform based so heavily on the reviews.

I’d recommend getting in touch with support about this since you’re saying the buyer changed his mind after ordering. But you won’t be able to keep the money if you want to get rid of the review, and it might not be possible anyway, but the support is the way to go for this.

Best of luck! Don’t let a single difficult buyer or bad review get you down. It’s probably not the end of your career, and you can take this opportunity to learn from this experience: ask yourself: are my instructions/description clear on this in an easy-to-understand way? Could you improve your description to avoid these things from happening again in the future? How could you better communicate with your buyers to help them out and making them happy, even if there has been a misunderstanding? These are all relevant questions that you can use to improve in the future.