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I delivered but didn't deliver my order?

Yesterday I delivered my order as usual, right after that I saw that Fiverr went down for a while. When it was back up, I saw that my order was not on my delivered page, but since the timer was gone and the message “this order will close in three days” was there, I didn’t think much of it.
Today however, I got a message saying that I had 12 hours to deliver my order, and now considered that it was not delivered. The buyer confirmed that he didn’t receive any delivery, but for me it was as if I did.
I was able to send it regardless, but this could have made some problems since my internet it’s down for maintenance for a while I could have had problems to send it again by mobile.
I don’t know what happened but I think I should report this anyway.


Well for me on the order page appears at delivered,. but in the dashboard the orders appear as late. That’s strange obviously, but since they are not alongside late orders, I assume they will just close automatically in 3 days. I am trying to not bring in too much thought into this for now.

I am having the same issue

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Well, they disappeared, so it should happen the same for you too!

Same here, When ever I try to deliver it takes me to inbox. And the files also dont get delivered. What do we do?