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I delivered my work timely but now buyer request to cancle this order


I delivered my work one day before about delivery date but now buyer send me the cancle the order. he said that he don’t want to published that site. I alalready cancle buyer cancellation request please help me! what should I do now?


Send a text in a customer support with yours deal’s picture.:smirk:


I also want o know about this


Send a text in a customer support with yours deal’s picture.:smirk:


If you delivered good work do not cancel. Refuse to cancel. Keep refusing.


But what if the cancellation process took a lot of time and order get very late than buyer can cancel it…So either way the sword is hanging on our heads :rofl:


Never deliver late. Sellers deserve to have it canceled if you can’t deliver it on time.

What do you expect if it’s late???


No Actually the work is good enough and according to buyers requirements but buyer open dispute that it isn’t satisfactory enough and want to cancel it and i as a seller keep refusing it and the order get very late during this process so buyer can cancel it than.


How does it get late when they are trying to cancel it?

Sorry I don’t understand. Ask customer support what to do.


Let say order was of 7 days right. I delivered at the 6th day now buyer appear after 2 days and ask for revision i will have one day to fulfill the revision and deliver again and i delivered again in under 24 hrs but than buyer again came after 2 days and ask for revision the order will be marked as late and after 2 more days it will marked as very late that’s where buyer can cancel the order as seller failed to deliver on time. that’s how order can be late if the buyer is bit tricky…

That’s what i was trying to tell.


Ok I haven’t been in that situation before so it might help to ask customer support.


Thanks :slight_smile:


The order will show as late when a revision is requested, but that doesn’t mean the buyer can auto-cancel. If you delivered on time the FIRST time and it never ran late until after the revision request, you can decline the cancellation as many times as necessary. Customer Support might tell you to cancel it just because it’s the easiest thing to do, but you really don’t have to.

Here is the difference:

Delivery version 1:

If a buyer ordered a site that was due in 7 days and you delivered it on the 9th day, the order would already be marked as late before the buyer even received anything. At that point the buyer could have already auto-canceled and if they are upset, CS is likely to side with them if they ask for a Fiverr-forced cancellation. That’s when the seller really is at fault for not either delivering on time or asking for more time though a legitimate request.

Delivery version 2:

If the buyer ordered a site that was due in 7 days and you delivered it on the 6th day, the order was delivered on time, period. If the buyer didn’t do anything, it would have been marked autocomplete in 3 days. If a buyer just claims they don’t like it and they wait 2 days and then submit a cancel request or revision request, the order is then marked as “in dispute.” The order also gets marked with the #LATE# marker but that is only because the 7 days is past, it isn’t actually late. It is then up to the seller to either accept that they did something incorrectly and fix it, to accept the cancellation, or to say no to the cancellation request. The seller must redeliver quickly when the order is in that dispute state.

The buyer can try to say that they didn’t like it and they can try to cancel again, but the seller is not obligated to accept unless they did not do the work properly. The seller does have to put in some effort to keep declining the cancellation because if there is a long delay, the order can go into auto-cancel, but even if it does, it will not be considered late. The buyer can also keep attempting to cancel, but each time it is redelivered the time gets shorter and eventually it will automatically be marked complete. So, it sometimes becomes a battle of wills. If Customer Support gets involved in that case, they will generally take a look at the delivery and see which side they want to take. Some people believe they will always take the buyer’s side, but that’s really not always true.

I hope that helps. It’s a bit complicated so it’s not that easy to spell it out word-for-word, but those are the two common case scenarios.


Awesome very informative helpful information. Actually i suffered alot with that kind of situation. Even i face some buyers like when i deliver the work they just ask revision for nothing like saying. We will review the work and will let you know and they just dis-appear for days and days but now finally i got the answer how to deal with this kind of situation.
I am thankful for your precious time.



This did happen to me one time where a buyer immediately said she “needed her money back” as soon as I delivered and it was fun to keep denying her demand to cancel the order. It went on for hours with her requesting to cancel and me denying it.

If you did the work correctly and a buyer tries to get you to cancel so they can get the work free, keep denying the cancellation request, no matter how many times it takes.


Hhahah i can’t bother someone. i am pretty straight forward. And in my field no body can take my work for free. If someone call for cancellation i go check my work and compare with the requirements and if my buyer is correct i simply sorry and tell them that i am ready to correct my work and we can proceed further. if buyer say yes than i do it. If he calls for cancellation i simply just don’t bother and go for cancellation.


I’m just glad it helped! That’s the first time I’ve really tried to write it out, but it’s a really common issue.

The only thing to keep in mind is that if you are a fairly new seller or have less than a hundred strong reviews, it can be a bit more risky to do. The buyer still has the fair chance to review exactly as they see fit if you refuse to cancel, and that’s fine, but be prepared for it. Make sure you have enough reviews to maintain a high positive rating even if the buyer gives you a rating that seems illogical to you. :slight_smile:


Much appreciated all your tips and the biggest issue ever to me has sorted out by you once again hat’s off for you.
And the second tip is also quite informative so i will keep these in mind.

Thanks & Regards: