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I delivered the same he asked for but he didnt like it and won't describe it much


So I was given a logo to design, buyer didn’t even ask me how should the logo be he just ordered and then i asked how it would be , he sketched a logo in paper.He told me he wants similar like this and when I designed he said it’s the same but he didnt like it. He said he wants something better.So I designed two good logos for him with my ideas and delivered them with source file. He said he doesnt like it he wants similar like the drawing. He said he doesnt want like that and he said again he wants like that. So when i asked for to describe more then he said " thanks for your time" I was afraid so i refunded and I already delivered. Was that fair? What can I do if anything happens like this in future?


Hi there did you initiate a cancellation? In that situation I would have insisted on getting more information from the client in a friendly and respectful way. I would just persist further than that. I would maybe give them some examples of different styles. You don’t have to make all the examples just pull them from google and say what about this style and what about this other one. I think one of several things could have happened here. The client was struggling to describe what they wanted, the client did not know what they wanted, you misinterpreted the instructions or the client was trying to play a game to get a free logo.

If you are struggling to interpret what a client wants then it can help to start with broader concepts and then work your way down to the more specific details. And take the lead on it by sending them examples of different styles and gradually picking apart what it is they actually want.

I think you have to use your judgement to figure out is this client genuinely struggling to convey what they want or are they being deliberately difficult to play the system. Because if you have not managed to realise what they have in their mind then your options are to give a refund or to put it through as complete and risk a bad review. I would choose a refund in this situation.

If you genuinely delivered exactly what they asked for and they say they don’t like it and want a refund then its quite possible that they are trying to get the work for free. In this situation I would keep asking sensible questions about the details of how they want the work being completed and if they allude to wanting the work for free in any way or try and use any underhand tactics to manipulate the situation to their advantage then you should message support about this as it would constitute a violation of Fiverrs terms of service and we don’t want buyers like this using the site. This helps make Fiverr a safe environment for us all to work in. I hope this helps :slight_smile:


What, exactly, were you afraid of?


Not refund the money if you did the work.


Assuming he wasn’t just trying to get something for free, he could have wanted a different design to the one you originally did but one that was still based on the drawing he originally gave, and not totally different designs (if that is what you later gave him).


He could give me a bad review


I gave him the same design . He even said it was similar like he wanted, but then he said he didnt like it


Thanks it was helpful and yes I refunded it.


Even he said its same but he said i want different then again he said he wanted similar. He didn’t even describe it. So I had to refund it even after I did the work.


I did work and he wasnt happy. I didnt know what to do so I refuned it.


And when I asked him please describe more he said thanks for your time. I am a new seller . A negative review is like a nightmare to me


You cannot live in fear of what might happen. You’re not going to be able to fully please everyone, no matter how hard you try. If you did you’re best, that’s all you can really do. If they give you a bad review, so be it. Move on to the next order, and impress that buyer instead.


but if they give me a bad review my rating will go down like to 3 . I am new seller I havent done many works


You have the option to review them as well, so they may be hesitant to give you a bad review. Also, you can respond to the reviews the buyers give you, therefore you have a chance to explain the bad review to future potential buyers. A cancellation also impacts your profile as some buyers don’t want to order from a seller with too many cancellations. Don’t be frightened of the possibility of a bad review, especially if you’ve already done the work!


thank you very much , I will keep it in mind