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I delivered two files for my delivery but later i found out its saying no attachment but buyer keep doing revisions

Hello Freelancers,

I got an order from a new buyer to be delivered in two days. I delivered the job in just 6 hours of ordering and the buyer came online to do revisions.

Later she went offline and i delivered the final documents.

She came online to download the final documents but did not mark my order completed.

Now the problem is, i was checking my deliveries “VIEW ALL DELIVERIES”. and I’m seeing “NO ATTACHMENTS FOUND FOR THIS DELIVERY”

Now I’m scared because i found out 8 minutes before the order will mark as completed, so i Redeliver the PDF of the project.

I have had two warnings before, but I’m scared that they will ban my account for empty delivery which I didn’t know of it.

Please any suggestion? :sob:

You can the files to dropbox or google drive or any cloud space and share the link as proof.

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Maybe you should contact the cs and tell them your problems with the order delivery, it could be a bug or something error and they will fix it for you, and don’t forget to explain your situation with your buyer.

I have redeliver the file 8 minutes before the order mark itself automatically.

I just want to know if fiverr will not penalise me again because I’ve had two warnings before.

Please any link to do that please

Go on your own fiverr home page and find contact cs :face_with_monocle:

Thank you for your help

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You are welcome, I hope it can solved your delivery problem.