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I demote to level 1 how i maintain my rating 4.7 to 4.8?


Please help how i improve my rating 4.7 to 4.8?
What should i do ?


Get better reviews. It’s the only way, I’m afraid.


How many 5 stars reviews i take and improve it to 4.8 ?


you get anywhere from 2-7 negative reviews per month.

You really need to step up your game.

It’s not a math game at this point. You really need to improve if you want to keep your level.

So listen to all your buyers and work on their comments.


I have total 488 reviews and i got only 6 negative reviews.


ummm you have 17 negative reviews.


I might be wrong but according to my math, if you get one 1-star review, then you need 21 5-star reviews to get an average of 4.8! I can see you have many 1-2.5 star reviews. You need many 5 star reviews in order to get your average right.


If i can’t maintain my level then what happen at the end?
What is the end result? After i drop anything.


Nothing will happen.

If you lose all your levels, you will just be categorized as a new seller, and you will also lose any perks that comes with your current level.


If i can’t maintain my level and performance, Is it possible my account is disabled at the end??


no. like I said. you will just be demoted to the lowest level.


No, unless you Violate any TOS here. :slight_smile:


Ok Thank you for you precious time.
Now i just worried about my level.


No i did not do any violation. I just get information what’s the result at the end if i can’t maintain my levels.


My account is downgraded from level 1.
Maybe I lost my order.

I received an email, and said the performance is always on audit every 15th


Yes same here i loss my level 2 badge due to low average rating 4.7.


Always offer the best.


You must be all green.
I have 3 reds on my level analitic.

So I lost my level 1.
And level in audit every 15th.
It’s what I capture from my email


I need just point and will get level 2 back.


You have to add a positive review, like that I guess that should be done