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I desperately need help!



I am a newbie here on fiverr. I have been trying to sell my gigs about translations since some weeks without any orders. What’s wrong? Can somebody help me? What can I do? I desperately need help!


Up your word count until you get a couple of orders. Buyers are much more likely to purchase a seller’s gig when they already have a couple of great reviews.


Your niche is very specialist so you may find there isn’t a lot of call for this type of work. Consider expanding your gig descriptions to be a bit more personal. If you can, think about whether you can put together videos for your gigs, as those are very popular with buyers and are a good way to showcase your skills.


As someone suggested, you could up your word count to attract some people to your gigs. You can always lower it later on.

Or, it might help to add screenshots of your translating work to your gig portfolio. Translate a short paragraph and upload a picture of it, and people can see your skills right on your gig page.

You might also want to look into changing your gig descriptions. Right now, they’re direct and simple, but that could also be a reason why people aren’t attracted to them. Play around with the descriptions and observe your stats.


Using just flags is not enough good! use more images written some thing about your service. You can use back ground flags when you will get designed images for your gigs.


Yes, up your word count. I started with 750 words for $5, then I went down to 600 when the first couple of positive reviews started coming in, and then to 500. Maybe add a little bit of what you’ve done instead of what you can do - my gig, for example, states that I’ve done some video games, which a lot of clients are picking up on and ask about. Other than that, have patience! It took me a couple of weeks before the orders started coming in regularly, but you definitely have the potential. You seem to have a very good level of English, which is essential to us translators :slight_smile: I¨am sure the clients will find you, just give it some time.


Translations require perfect spelling and grammar.

"I will translate English to German 500 words for $5 " is grammatically incorrect.

It should be:

"I will translate 500 words from English to German for $5"

Your profile description mixes the first and the second person:


I speak English, German, Italian, Turkish, French and Spanish. With over a decade of experience in the field of languages you are offered a comprehensive, full and reliable translation. You are provided with a complete range of translation services.”

“You are offered,” shouldn’t it be “I offer you” and shouldn’t there be a comma between languages and you? I think so.

These are the kinds of mistakes that can destroy buyer confidence.

You also have redundancies:

"Contact me and send me your text. "

That is obvious, who else are they going to contact? Look at your competition, here’s an example from another seller:

"How long does it take?

I will send the translated text to you within 48 hours. Yes, it’s that simple!"

Good luck.


Thank you all. I will definitely follow your advice.