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I did a job for a guy this guy reported me


Is this guy ****** phony? I just did a quick job for this guy. he’s not accepting my work.

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Was the job EXPENSIVE? Did you do a GOOD job? Did he COMPLAIN about the job?


the job wasn’t expensive. The contract was to convert the file. he now wants me to do more work out of my contract.


I converted the file and gave him what he wanted. After submitting the work he’s talking about something else. This guy probably just reported me because he doesnt want to pay me.


Tough situations. if you delivered according to the agreed upon sale, stick to your guns, but be nice. No way to know he reported you. Restate as nicely as you can what was agreed upon, and what it would cost to do the new work. Send a custom extra offer with that.

Could sound like…" Dear x, I understand you would like more work done. However, in our initial order, you purchased x, which covered x. In order to do what you are asking, will cost x. Please accept the custom offer extra so I can begin on this new part of the project!."


Someone put on a bad review. I dont know what to do. I can’t apply for jobs.