I did it wrong? SUGGESTION from other sellers here, please!


I don’t know if being frustrated or just in pain with myself.

I had a customer contacting me by maibox, asking for a job.

"nothing too busy"

I did accept to make it for 5$ and sent a custom offer, with the same time of the gig.

He accepted,

After this,

in the order started, he asked for a 24h service.

With all the good spirit of the world, i had too many orders in queue in the closer days, so i did say no.

Sorry Sir, but i can’t, and other than this, there is a fast deliver option that you did not ask for.

Maybe the best i can do, is to approach your needs, but i’ll need at least other 4 days.

After this, he asked me if i can send multiple version, or the source file

(other extra not purchased)

I did agree to send a version wih text and another without, because i couldnt do more than this.

After this (AGAIN!) he asked me if it was possible i had nothing to ready for him…

!!! I did kindly told him that im taking seiously my job and if he accepted the custom offer, maybe he was agree with it,

and faster tournaround needs to be asked if so necessary.

He told me that my turnaround was too long (even if him accepted it!!!)

and maybe if he was spending more, he would had the job done.

IM TOTALLY pi**Ed of for this!!

I make work of MUCH MORE WORTH for less money, and in a faster time sometime if the customer is ENOUGH NICE asking it.

And now i must feel like a rude seller who doesnt mind abt nobody?

I don’t know what to think.


No I would be angry too. This buyer clearly tries to take advantage of you. I would not do business with this client in the near future.


thank you…


This is obviously an unreasonable buyer. You should have cancelled the order as soon as it started causing you trouble. Better luck in the future.


After seeing this, I had to spend ~10 minutes preparing screenshots since I have some time to kill.



Unfortunately Buyers like this are becoming more and more common here. I refer to them as “FIVERR EXTORTIONIST”. The playing field is NOT fair here on Fiverr. These “FIVERR EXTORTIONIST” act like they can’t read the gig descriptions, AFTER they place the order, then bombard you with unrealistic request, and then expect you to do these request at no additional charge. Sellers should be able to REFUSE SERVICE to ANYONE for ANY REASON. Fiverr needs an “UNREASONABLE Buyer” Cancellation option, NOT a request, and if a Buyer gets 10 or more of these cancelations in a year he should be booted period.

Buyers don’t have to “request” to leave a negative rating, they just do it without any repercussion. But yet a seller is stuck “requesting” to give an unreasonable buyer their money back? lol makes no sense!

Just the amount of time it takes with the constant back and forth communication with buyers like this makes me ill. You were a lot nicer to this buyer then I would have been I assure you…lol Buyers like this make my blood boil, they know exactly what they are doing and are working the fiverr system to obtain free gigs or tons of extras to their gig for free.


You know, I think it would actually be a good idea to allow a seller to decline service from the order page somehow. That and implement a way to penalize buyers who repeatedly get refused by sellers. These people are not going to just learn anything and stop doing it. They will continually pick through and harass sellers until they find another victim who will do the work in hopes to advance their profile.

It is really sad that fiverr doesn’t have some way to keep their sellers from dealing with this sort of thing. After all, it’s the sellers they rely on to make any money at all.


Reply to @kay2809: Wow.


I’m confused about this part: "I did accept to make it for 5$ and sent a custom offer, with the same time of the gig."

Why did you send a custom order? A regular gig here on Fiverr is $5 so if you accepted the order to do for $5 as a normal gig what is all this about you sending a custom offer? You accepted the regular gig.


Reply to @sincere18: Hi! After a talk, (a nice and brief one) i did calculate the job and it was fine for me to make it in the 5 basic gig. My time was actually raised cause of a queue i had lately, so i sent him a basic gig with a reasonble time, the same time that i did change even after the custom offer. This is the reason. So i was already offering 3 days less of what was that time my deadline.


Thanks everyone for your reply.

and the screenshoots! :smiley:


Reply to @sincere18: To make it more clear, he didnt buy a gig, did ask me first if with the 5dollars i was covering his request!

The time was just rised for a while in my gig description for some days, so i did send him a custom “time” offer, and i did change the gig too in some minutes later!

Sorry my english is not always much clear!


Wow, this looks like such a pain! I’m glad customer service came through and cancelled it for you. I’ve dealt with this kind of buyer before too, and it’s so frustrating to have buyers act as if you lied to them about what they would receive, when really they’re just trying to take advantage of you. Thank goodness for the good buyers out there! If only we could just work with them. :slight_smile: