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I did my 4th order. But that review was 4.7 star


I did my 4th order. But that review was 4.7 star.
Is there any risk for my gig? Is that mark as negative review?


No, that’s not even close to being a negative review. A negative review is 2.5 stars or lower.


No it surely will not have any effect

Even a 4 star is not negavtive. If you get 2.5 that is counted among the negative feedbacks. Overall rating will get only effected if you have a very low amount of review but 4.7 will not show any negative effect unless and until you get next 2-3 reviews below 5.


to remain a level two seller need to maintain 4.7 star rating over a period of 60 days. when you get 14 out of total 15 stars, 4.7 will be your rate. it’s standard fiverr think.


Thank you!!!


Thank you! But my positive rating is 4.9. I did only 4 orders. Is there any risk?


Surely not if you see even 4.7 star rating gigs also ranking! You will need to deliver much better next time and 4.9 is not a bad rating however as you have just done 4 orders you will need to deliver much better so atleast you don’t drop down until you get 20-30 total reviews then even 1 out of 10 below 5 star rating will have no effect until its a negative review


Thank you!!!


No its not a problem people give reviews like this one but what you need to do is just stay positive everything is awesome


Thank you!!!


No . it isn’t a big problem.


Tjank you!!!