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I did not accept the work but actually rejected it. Why did you make it as Accepted?

Hi, I did not accept the work but actually rejected it. Why did you change the status to Accepted and Completed. I paid a premium and the seller’s term was to change until I am satisfied, and he had hardly just begun.

I agree, if you haven’t given the seller any feedback then its only natural that the order would be marked as completed. My advice would be to contact the seller before your contact customer service - they may be willing to supply you with fresh work, but if you have been neglectful of replying to their deliveries then don’t expect them to greet you with much enthusiasm.

First, I am not sure who you mean by “you” when you say - “Why did you make it as Accepted?” The forums are just other buyers and sellers. This is not Customer Support and is not read by Fiverr staff.

If you mean that you click “Request a Modification” that will normally mark an order as rejected. Once the seller re-delivers it, it goes back into pending completion for 3 days. Once that 3 days passes, Fiverr auto-completes the order. The seller didn’t do it.

The only way for you to reject an order more permanently is to ask the seller for cancellation. If the seller agrees, you get a refund. If the seller doesn’t answer after a few days, you get a refund. If the seller refuses, you have to go to Customer Support for additional help.

Thanks, if you are not the support you are indeed very kind… but…