I did not find my gig in category


hello, i cannot find my gig any where rolling 27 pages of new arrival two time of resume and cover-letter category plz help and if there is any shortcut way to search my gig directly please tell me…


To search your gig directly just spell out the whole title and it should be pretty far up the list. Make sure you’re using the right keywords and checking the right category. There’s a possibility that your gig is past the new arrival stage. Sometimes it also takes a couple days for the system to index.

I searched “design resume and cover letters” and selected 1 day delivery and it came up on the first page so it’s not totally lost.


Usually newer gigs take a while to show up in search results. If they do not show up you can contact Fiverr Support tech and they will be able to assist you.


Hey, Don’t worry! you can contact “Fiverr support”, Fiverr team will deficiently help you.