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I did not get a single impression after more than a month

Hello, I hope that you guys are doing well.
I have created my gig for over a month now but I haven’t had any impressions so far, not even one!!!
I have uploaded some photos into my gallery, I have a video, I have used tags and everything and honestly, I have no idea how it works. could you please guide me on how to fix this and do better?
I would really appreciate your help.


Don’t worry, your Gigs are active, and all the metrics ( impressions, clicks, and views ) are calculated.

But why I can not see my metrics? it just says"N/A" in front all of my metrics

No one can see it. It’s a problem they have been trying to fix for a couple of months.

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same problem, facing since 2 months

This is the thread that has information about this issue: