I did not get my product and order marked as complete


I have not received the product I bought for 100 dollars.
The seller has marked the order as complete and I am stuck with nothing, how can I move this along and get the refund of the order?


The seller may have forgotten to attach the product. Try messaging them first to remind them that you haven’t received the finished product. I’m a seller and I’ve totally forgotten to attach it before and then marked it complete. It happens.

If they just are trying to scam you though and you try to remind them a couple times and still nothing try contacting fiverr customer support. :slight_smile: Hope this helps.


@erinsaville is right! It can happen that seller forgets or even file upload fails. You can wait and message him if he is not replying for days being online you can cancel order and get your money back!


If you spent $100, as the OP did, would anyone here be okay with the fact that the seller simply forgot to do an attachment?

The order was marked auto complete, which mean @andersthecoach it was delivered 3 or more days ago. The system, not the seller, marked it as complete. Please make sure you check with 72 hours of delivery next time to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

It could be intentional, to stop the clock so they won’t be late, or it could be unintentional - although, with 100’s of gigs I’ve purchased, a seller has never once forgotten.

I suggest you contact seller & customer support right away with screen capture as proof you never received delivery.

If this was accident, seller should deliver right away. You can easily go into support ticket and close it out as solved. If you wait, it’ll take that much longer for you to get your money back.


When a seller goes to Deliver an order, if they do not attach anything then there is a pop-up which asks if you have forgotten to attach something - the seller then has to click yes or no. Because of that pop-up, I would be dubious that it was done accidentally. However, I would suggest that you contact the seller as that is what customer support will probably suggest and if the seller has just managed to do something stupid, it gives them a chance to rectify it.
Use the resolution center to request a cancellation- that gets the attention of sellers - but mention that you are prepared to take the product if they have done it.
If you dont get a response within 24 hours then go to customer support and ask them to cancel.


Is it really possible to send a delivery without uploading the work file? In my category (graphics) while making a delivery I can never get the “SEND” button working without uploading the work file.


Same. I think you should try the seller first, if they haven’t replied in 3 days, and the order got marked automatically by all means take it to Fiverr support. They are here to help. Best of luck!