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I Did not get Order

I Created my first Gig On Fiverr. But I did not get any orders yet.
What Can I do?
Please Suggest me.


Please follow the following rules:

  1. Create 7 gigs/ make them unique. Don’t copy paste others
  2. Make your professional profile
  3. Send buyer requests daily
  4. Be active 24/7
  5. Share your gigs on social media

We wish you the best of luck.


Ok I’ll Try to my best

Same here…
But never lose hope…just keep trying :heart:

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yep, I’m Optimistic about my job

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That’s Good. And Here some tips for you :grinning:

  • Create your gig by doing proper research
  • Send buyer request regularly
  • Focus on your work
  • Be honest
  • keep patient

Success will come soon :heart:

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Thanks a lot… friend.

This is a Fiverr myth!

Please stop repeating this!

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You need to remove your behance portfolio details as that is not an approved portfolio link.

Here is a list of approved portfolio links:

Scroll right down to the bottom.

Suggest you check out the competition in your category re pricing as new sellers usually lower their prices until they move up the levels.