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I did not get top rated badge on next evaluation 15 February

Hello my friend anyone know what’s wrong I have completed the top rated criteria and in the next 15 February I did not get my top rated batch I think there is an error problem even that I have 100% everything but I did not get please help me

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following ,i dont know about it ,i am here for learn from your problem ,thanks.

It is a manual process to be awarded TRS, it is not something that happens after hitting any type of milestone. Thanks!


You are not alone.

If you type “why not TRS” in the search bar above there are over 50 topics on the subject which you may find interesting.

Thanks for info…

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So can you tell me where is problem

I’ve met the criteria and have maintained it for a year, maybe two to be a Top Rated Seller and I have yet to be nominated.

Does it bother me?

Not in the least.


Did you read the TOS, especially the section about how TRS badge is given? it is strange you are on the platform for this long and do not know the basics.

You do not get TRS when it is 15 or 100%. It is manually picked. It can be years and years before you get TRS. It can happen any day. Tomorrow even.

Getting the TRS or Top Rated Seller badge is an honor given to but a few sellers. :medal_sports:

The seller not only needs to meet all of the criteria set out by Fiverr, but they also must have an outstanding portfolio and customer service.

Like many others here, I have qualified for the TRS badge for well over a year and have not received it. Like @looseink, it does not bother me.