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I did not get what the seller promsed


I ordered a gig on clickbank peoducts website with traffic 3000 per day and promised good money making with the gig Instead of basic , he said for good conversion order Premium $50. But i took standard and paid $25. But after 2 days i did not see any optins i asked him are you sure any revenue, so he advised me to take additional support for traffic and backlinks so that you will become super affiliate. This has made be confident and ordered. In total i spent $50 fo that gig. In 30 days no single optin and not even single order. I asked him to show his traffic every 1 week. I gave me on word document from where the traffic is coming. I felt it like fake. But the other people whom he refered did not promise me any conversions. So i cant ask them. But when i asked this seller he said you have not done marketing well. So i did not know what to say. I can show the conversations to fiverr and can report it. But thats no use. Because he needs money thru gigs. I make money by using his gigs. I dont want to spoil the basic meainig of paid gigs. Atleast he has no courtsey to say why it happened like that. He has not shown his taffic that sent to my gig. Bad experience , lost confidence but at time we have to be sportive. Here on internet forums they say if you spend $1 you should get $30 back…


Are you serious?
Spend $1 and get $30 back? Like a magic trick?
Why would the seller be helping you make $1500 for $50?
Why wouldn’t the seller just make the money himself and not sell it to you? He could do it over and over and be a multi millionaire in a couple of months.
Seriously, don’t believe everything you read on the internet.
If the seller misled you and did not deliver what you agreed on then you need to contact customer support. However, I expect that he has managed to put you off complaining for 30 days since the order was completed so customer support won’t actually be able to do anything about it.
Learn the lesson and don’t waste any more money.


Hi Anus,
Really crappy experience!
Hope you pay heed to Eoin’s advice above.


I’m so sorry that you are going through this shit, Anus.

However, Eoin is correct.


I would suggest you contact customer support. Let them know the seller never delivered what was promised in his gig.

30 days passed, there is nothing else you can do. For the future though, request a modification to make sure you get what you paid for. This will prevent the order from getting marked as complete.


Here is a top tip. You know all those internet marketing websites that say something like “this system will make you $100 a day, just follow the steps!”

Translated: you might rope in $100 in commissions for whatever you’re promoting via paid ads, but the amount you pay for the ads will eat that up–and the further advice in this system–which may or may not involve the word “scale”–is to keep reinvesting that same chunk of money into the ads as “that’s where the real profits are”. Sometimes this will be used in the sales copy, or at least in the course–Eoin’s got a good counter in

Essentially though, those numbers? They’re a buncha crap, Anus. They reflect revenue, not profit. And if you’re breaking even… then is that system really the success that it is blaring out from the rooftops to get your $7 on the “dime sale” with a countdown clock that’s either set to reset or with limited offers that count down and reset (you can buy both of these, too).

HTH, Anus. That’s the reality of the system. I’m sure it does work for people who have been at it a long time who have tweaked their copy to perfection and a whole bundle of other tricks. Then of course, you’ve got the fake paychecks for legitimacy. There’s a whole bag of tricks that I’m discovering. It’s quite disturbing, really. But you know, I have to work for these guys sometimes so I get to take a look under the hood sometimes. I’ll tell you what though–they’re not drinking the kool aid they’re selling. It’s the idiots who do, and you can spot them a mile off.

You got ripped off, sure, but your own greed put you in that situation. I suggest spending a LOT more time doing research before throwing money at shady people with too good to be true offers: 99.99999% of the time, it’s all bullshit, Anus.

So quit moaning–you feel for it, but at least you got some good information that you will hopefully apply in future dealings with shady markets.


I think if I was God, I’d have just slit my wrists. It sounds like Anus needs a good reality spanking.

That said, this has to be a joke hasn’t it?


If that’s how you spank, you’re doing it wrong.


How can someone guarantee sales when they have no control over the audience? Instead of spending money on this, you should hire a writer and run some ad campaigns. Although I offer this type of services, please do not feel that I am trying to market my services to you. It is just a sincere advice.


The way you said it :joy:


wow… the stuff people sell. Stay away from pay-per-clicks- or back links. Not worth money. Deluxe is right, start a small campaign and share it with friends. This will be more authentic and probably less expensive.


Moreover, Google recently penalized all of the websites with spammy backlinks from blog groups. This includes sites with thousands of dollars of yearly revenues.


Well that’s awfully broad, but I get what you’re trying to say.

You get what you pay for and crap traffic is crap traffic and if anus expected any sort of return from those types of services well then he needs to reevaluate his strategy.