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I did not got review/ ratings

Few days ago I have done 1 job in Fiverr. Job was done successfully. Project now finish totally. But my buyer did not provide me any feedback or ratings. Even 2 times i have request him to provide me a positive feedback. But he did not replay me. :(( What should I do now ? I want review because I will help me to grow my business in fiverr. Need suggestion.

There’s nothing you can do. Whether a buyer rates you or not is up to them.

You’ll get used to it. Some buyers don’t rate.


I have some interesting and awesome gigs…

can you please review them ? I can use some good reviews…and I can give you reviews in return which will boost your ratings as well…

Thank You !!!

Sahilpunni, be careful to pay attention where you post your self promotion, and do not spam the forums. or you may get banned.