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I did not initiate a withdrawal, But it says "Withdrawal in progress"

I recently did not initiate a withdrawal, but in the Earnings page “Bank Transfer” button is disable and when I move my cursor to it, it says “Withdrawal in progress”.

Is it a bug? anyone else having this problem?

Thank You.



I saw other people saying they had a similar problem earlier today. There was a post about it earlier.


Same here. I haven’t contacted CS yet though as it seems a common issue.


Same with me. I just wrote to the CS. Waiting for reply…

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Same here and I urgently need to transfer my money to buy lockdown food!!!

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I think you better contact the CS, immediately.

Same here. I just wrote to CS, waiting for reply.

Me too, have two days before country goes on lockdown, if I don’t get my money in time I’m afraid I will be getting real skinny in the coming weeks.

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I am experiencing the same. It looks like the bug.

CS resolved my request the same day, but today again I am observing the similar issue. Both withdrawal buttons deactivated. Any update on this please?

Same here, few hours ago I saw the issue was gone, an now it’s back.

I experience the same problem right now.

HAHA! Same here…at least we’ll look good.

I am facing the same issue from time to time during the last week. It looks like a bug, because from time to time it changes to normality and I can withdraw my funds. Most of the time it is “withdrawal in progress”. I contacted support once but it was fixed automatically before they even responded.

Check out this thread:

Yes, I am facing the same issue. Both (PayPal and Bank Transfer) buttons are disabled.

i am also having the same problem since yesterday. I hope it gets resolved very soon.