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"I did not mean to order this..."

That statement makes as much sense as:

“We’ve gone on holiday by mistake.”*

I thought I was rid of those types…:rage:

*Extra brownie points if you get the movie reference. Not that you can google it, or anything. :wink:


I liked your post because there isn’t a dislike button if you know what I mean - this should not still be happening.


A lame@ss excuse:roll_eyes: So, essentially what the Buyer is saying he/she was sleepwalking like :woman_zombie: or dreaming when the order was placed.


I don’t get it… I thought all those extra service fees that Fiverr now charges should have kept these ‘mistakes’ from happening. I thought buyers would be more careful now that extra charges apply. I just don’t get it :roll_eyes:


Oh no, there are even buyers who claim that they made a mistake when they purchased $$$ order. There are definitely less of them, but there are some so $5 or $7 makes no difference.


It defies all logic to me. I’ve recently bought three gigs and I can say for sure that there is a deliberate process to placing an order. Perhaps the same people, when making a claim on their contents insurance would say, “I accidentally threw my TV out of the top floor window in a murderous rage.” Seems legit.

So, now I have an incomplete order just hanging in limbo…I rejected the cancellation, mostly out of saltiness…shall I just leave it there? What happens if I do? :slight_smile:

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Why this happens is simple. A buyer later finds a cheaper seller and decides to try and get a better deal. - In my case, they don’t. The sheer absurdity of some of the material I find posted online by clients whom have canceled an order or asked me to match another sellers price is shocking.


"Majority of websites we encounter are overly concerned with offsite search engine optimization, while the biggest gains in online visibility can come from your websites in fracture and optimization."

A buyer decides to establish themselves as a leading SEO agency, comes to Fiverr and ends up with an agency website littered with basic spelling and grammar mistakes. - While also damaging a more reputable seller’s rankings, all for the sake of saving $5.

The worst part? Because buyers like this have no idea how to assess real quality, they go away thinking they’ve got a killer deal.


I’ve been there so many times… it’s like going to wash your teeth and you and up having a shower, ‘by mistake’…


Home alone… ? didn’t google

Surely though, if they have a budget in mind, then why not stick to that? Why order a $25 gig, if you only really want to spend $5?

Anyway, I’m off to do my weekly shop at Marks and Spencers, whilst being fully aware that I could buy my groceries from LIDL but not bother to compare prices. Then I’ll go into LIDL, realise that I could’ve saved some money and then go back to M&S and ask for a refund, because I shopped there by mistake.

I’ll just inconvenience them because of my lack of forethought and resourcefulness. A pox on them, I say.


That’s pretty much exactly how it works. Buyers who do this though are both self destructive and very dangerous in the long-term.

  • They spend more money cumulatively on pile of crap after pile of crap
  • Eventually they start getting frustrated because they’re not as on schedule to get featured in Forbes as they thought they would be by now
  • Lastly, they start complaining about sellers and filing chargebacks whenever they feel like sellers are to blame for their business failing

It’s all about cheapos not being invested in their business. I had to buy an SSL certificate for a new website I’m building the other day. I could have used a self signed SSL, a $5-$15 SSL, or a $100 SSL. I did my research, looked at what my competitors are using, and invested in a premium product to give my (slowly emerging business) more leverage.

Buyers who cancel orders immediately after ordering, simply don’t think about the long term implications concerning how they are investing their precious pennies.

Lastly, shame on you for Shopping at Marks & Sparks. Lidl is way better!


Good for you, Jon! :joy:

Well, lucky for you it’s only June 18th, so you should have enuff time to recoup from the cancellation.

But what’s even more mind-boggling :exploding_head: is why CS is continuing to let these “mishaps” aka zombie orders occur, while destroying our stats. Buying by mistake shouldn’t affect us at all. I call that a bunch of crock B.S. right there.

Anyway, have fun shopping :shopping: at Marks and Spencers. :smiley:


Oh, I don’t buy my Lonely Man Dinners from Marxist Suspenders. LIDL FTW, as the kids say.