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I didin't recive my withdrawal


The withdrawal is initiated but i didn’t recieve the second message of withdrawal successfull !! it’s been 2hours and i’m still waiting! can any one tell me what’s going on please !


Hello! What platform did you use to withdraw your funds? Paypal or Payoneer?


i send the withdrawal To payoneer


Did you check the Payment History? or Only Transactions?


Payment loaded on card are shown in Activity > View Transactions
Payment who are yet to be loaded are shown in Activity > Payment History


the probleme in fiverr not in payonner because when we withdraw any found and we get two message one is
Withdrawal Initiated and the other one that i don’t recieve is Withdrawal Completed Successfully


It will happen, give it more time.


i paid faster to get in card i’m paying 3$ to get it within 2h but now it’s going to 3 hours and i didn’t recive any founds!


From your screenshot, it’s clear that fund is released from Fiverr. maybe you choose standard loading instead of immediate load.

if you don’t see the last transaction on the list, click on “View Pending Authorization” tab.


i didn’t see the button of View Pending Authorization!!


I took this image from goggle, :slight_smile:



I clicked on it and it said :
No pending authorizations.


That’s strange. Wait for 24hour, then contact Fiverr Support.