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I didn\'t get any sales


I want to know how I can get sales on fiverr and wat are the requirements you must have and is location a barrier…


Read the answers to the other millions of posts asking the same question for starters.


yes, maybe, no.


Top Requirements: Patience and Perseverance. Its not easy working on a platform with a lot of sellers striving for the same thing as you. The best you… anyone rather, can do is keep doing what you’re doing along with keeping things fresh on your gig.

There is no one size fits all formula for getting sells; just suggestions, advice and some words of encouragement to keep the seller going for the gold at the end of the tunnel. Keep your head up; orders will come soon enough.


Create more gigs to show the viewers that you are available to work now.


Location isn’t a barrier, but being able to communicate effectively in English is. Even if you are typing with your thumbs from your phone, spelling and grammar errors will get you nowhere. Check and double check any writing you do, or hire someone to do it for you.


Amen to that!
And even in the forum it’s allowed to use punctuation. The comma’s on your keyboard still work here. Believe it or not.


You have to be honest, have a nice service and in accordance with the price.

The quality matches the price paid customers


Did you submit any offers in the Buyers Requests area? At least 1/2 of my orders have come from submitting bids.


to get first sales on fiverr your gigs must the quality, and check what people in your gigs category are offer, secondly your tags matter most, am also a newbie here i just create my gig 3 days ago and my gigs was order about 8 hour ago


what is this tags self? please explain better.