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I didnt find my gig even last page on fiverr

3 days ago I have created 1 gig still I did not find my gig on Fiverr search list.I shared my gig social media platform. I got some buyer request but when I am going to search on Fiverr according to my gig keyword I did find even last page. Please help me. How can I find my gig on the first page? Thank you:slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Shovord,

If you are searching for your gig, it’s best to go incognito on a browser. Then search your category or service to find where you are.

However, you must understand that there is some sort of an algorithm (proprietary to the platform I’d imagine) that determines your ranking. I’m sure it takes into account how many sellers within the platform, whether they are posting in an ad (via FB or paid search), whether you are online, your last delivery, traffic you’re generating amongst other things.

The sooner you become accustom and comfortable with the fact that you should focus on the things you can control, the better you will be.

Keep continuing posting on any social media channels you can, providing a quick response time, remain online as often as possible (download the app if you can), and providing a great product and experience and let everything else take care of itself.

Updating your gig, having other unique gigs as well as utilizing all the options on your gigs will keep things fresh… If you’re finding that impressions have dropped significantly, meaning potential 0 perhaps that would warrant communication with CS.

Good luck and keep your head up.


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Thanks for you opinion.:slightly_smiling_face: