I didn't find my gigs in fiverr when i search


when i create my gigs and submit it then it shown me that gigs are active but when i go to the perticular section under where i create my gig at that time gigs are not shown. But when i search using my username at that time it shown perfectly. Please help me to resolve my problem.


Fiverr randomly changes search results. Sometimes your gig shows up and sometimes it does not so as to give other gigs the same amount of exposure :slight_smile:


There are hundreds if not thousands of SEO gigs on fiverr thus your gig may not show up in the search results, you are filtered amongst the others. Good luck with your gig


page down

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you gig is here or not



Reply to @goodworker123: I used to do that when I first started with my gig. But then there are lots of logo gigs here in Fiverr :smiley: