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I didn't get a review yet, while I have sucessfully completed First order

Hello Every one!
I am new to fiverr family. I am new seller on fiverr.
I want to discuss a strange thing happened to me on fiverr and I also want all of you to help me rgarding this kind of selling experience. I created my gigs (they are just two for starting) and I got my first order with in a week after I created my first gig. The project I had to complete was a squeeze page for a company. After complete discussions with my client I started working and delivered the final project to my client on time.
Then I was waiting for the client either to accept the final product or asking to review the product (or whatever he hants). But the client didn’t replied me again and my order was automatically marked as comleted by fiverr. Now the strange thing here is I got the money but client never return and I didn’t even get any review about my work :frowning: as it is (buyer review) the only thing we earn at the end of the day. I contacted the client again and again but all in vain :frowning: .
Please guide me someone, will this effect my gig or profile on fiverr? or what should I actuall do? Should I leave it as it is and look forward or should it necessary to have a review after completeing the order (in my opinion its necessary as it is the only thing we have to show off). :worried:
Below is the screen shot. And here is the link too the gig:

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Sometimes buyer does not want to leave a review this is not strange its happen to everyone here
I did 8 orders my 2 buyers didn’t give any review.

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Do not contact the buyer again and again he will report you. You have done your part of the job leave it.


Sure, I will not contact the buyer agin.


Be satisfied you got an order, completed the order, and got paid. A review is not mandatory for a buyer to leave. I suggest you read Fiverr’s TOS before going any further before you get banned for spamming messages. Good luck.


Take on board everything that has been said.
You will find a link to the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

PS. Congratulations on getting your first sale. You are on your way! :slightly_smiling_face:

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