I didn't get a single order from last 7 days! Amazing Feeling


After 2500+ Order Sold - 1500+ 5 star receive - current situation is :smile:
I didn’t get a single order from last 7 days! Amazing Feeling :sunny: It’s seems like fiverr new changes does really work :wink:


Won’t say anything, because you are an experienced and successful professional and know what to do and what’s right for you.


Yo - Bro!! Working on planB as you had mentioned previously - Hope that will start work to next 1-2 month. After i will leave/away to fiverr because No stable future are here :slight_smile:


Same here. I am also a seller did over 3000 sales. Since last may very limited orders. Contacted CS several times but no positive response.


Same here, I get patronizing, generic replies from Fiverr implying I’m not doing enough even though I’m now seeing that everyone has had this drop-off in orders.


Same here I am getting template responses from Fiverr staff. Such a useless staff I had ever seen. I am advertising my gig on daily basis sending BR daily nothing effects my gig position.


Yeah…they always reply with ready made copy paste message - we don’t guaranteed gig position, sell and many more…bla blah… and do self promotion your gig at your social network. So as seller , we do promote our service at our own network, bring clients after they do earning to our sells. we do set our service cost -5$ and get 4$. that means - they do earn to sellers not buyer. 80% rules are buyest and 20% in seller favor. Buyer do always understand. they are paying 5$ of seller service. if anyone disagree to my words - they can comment with valid points.

As few have said to me here - previously: you have agreed to fiverr TOS and they are providing a platform for sell your service. that’s why they are charging 20%.
Me: i have nothing issue with charges…i am happy with that but if these guys are earning to my served service… i should get a good support and customer service.

am i wrong?


I’ve had a few days without orders in the past month, and never had ONE day without an order the entire 4.5 years I’ve been here. I actually went two days in a row without orders.


find a surprise factor in this screenshot - i am sure, you will be surprise.

i am here from last 4 year - 2500 gig sold but never get such thing as these level1 sellers got.

i salute to fiverr editorial team - who have been chosen these for awesome feature :innocent:


Ohh… I received 5 order back to back just now from my old buyer :slight_smile: thank god for repeated buyer.


Absolutely right!!!
I never want to be a full time freelancer ever.


Yeah, i did big mistake 4 year ago as resign to my full time job - i was creative visualizer there.


not receive any order last 30 days what can i do suggest me please


yes same here i did not get any order last 30 days


yes i agry no future


Still thinking like that? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: @anjylina


Yep… :sunglasses:


Same here. What to do,IDK.


@fast_editing… actually the new algorithm is working for me (touchwood :grinning:), and at that moment I also touched my level 2 seller badge do that thing is also helping me… and one of my gig is currently featured, so that thing is also helping me to get more sales day by day. I know there are pretty other sellers who are also getting positive results from those new algorithms.


Manpreet,of course it is working for me too,my queue never decreased by 14 since May,still I observe that this site works for certain period of time for certain people. Who knows after 4 years we both will have complaining here for not getting sales? So I’ve decided not to be a full time freelancer.