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I didn't get a single order from last 7 days! Amazing Feeling


I haven’t had anyone contact me yet about the ad I’ve posted. I don’t understand it. I’ve got a good ad but not even one message showing interest. What’s wrong?


You’ll find some great information if you search for UPYOUR.

Also , have a look at the academy:

You’ve got one gig at the moment - you can have up to 7 - make use of them! Your gig price is $80 - for a new gig with no reviews yet, it might be a good idea to introduce packages, where you’ve got something that starts at a much lower price - few buyers will click through to read your ad if they see $80 I’m afraid, when they can buy a similar gig for much less.

Have a look and see what others are offering - what makes your gig stand out, or not?

Good luck! :slight_smile:


As per observation : New buyers are not coming - there is many reasons :wink:


Perhaps the competition is fierce, and buyers are responding better to the ads of other sellers. Without measurable stats, there’s no way to know why your ads aren’t performing as you want them to.


Both of my gigs where on the first page now one is on the first page and the other is on the second page and they have been for a long time which is pretty awesome but I’m also getting lower amount of orders but also at the same time bigger orders as in a lot of $75 orders, for me I just think people don’t buy as much in the summer time well for me anyway, September till December is a great time for me theres always going to be slow times, although I do think fiverrs algorithm is a bit messed up and they never listen to its sellers to actually improve the site which is frustrating as it does have its issues, thats why you always need a plan B and not relying all on fiverr for income, theres a lot you can do to make money online.

Also some tips, make the thumbnail as eye catching as possible, bright as possible, mine are very eye-catching with a lot of colour, also yellow attracts the eye include some yellow into the thumbnail!

Always have packages it really does help instead of just one gig priced at $80 or something if people look at a gig just priced at $80 they are most likely not going to buy it but if it has options then they will consider and maybe end up buying the $80 package, i have a lot of people who order just $5 as a test run and if they like it they end up buying my $75 package to complete the full project.

Go on buyer requests and look through them all and send custom orders.

A lot of people say promote on social media but i honestly dont think that helps at all unless its a fiverr group or something like that.

I do believe on fiver you have to be providing something different, when people create the same gigs when theres already hundreds of them with thousands of sales, people are always going to go to the one with the most rated and sales so come up with new gigs that no one has really done.

You do have a 5.0 and i have 4.9 with less sales although we are not the same category, i always thought sellers with a lot of sales and 5.0 got tons of orders each week guess not.


I am totally disagree with you, Please read the article below so that you can understand where is the problem.


This is why I say the alphabet has 26 letters and not that the alphabet has 26 more letters.
The devil is in the details :smiling_imp:


I am aware of that Fiverr announcement, as well as how it is affecting sellers. My comments to you in this thread remain valid and accurate.


I always like to think normally.


Is fiverr considering any effective revival step for sellers, who have been affected by that all announcement? - I seen they are listening only TRS.


You would have to ask Customer Support. I am not privy to the new changes Fiverr is making to their search algorithm.


I can feel what you feel, trust me :smile_cat:


WOW :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: fiverr brings a new update/feature called : Pro gig.

i think, this will make lot division between regular seller and Pro sellers -

what you will say about this :slight_smile:


everyone is talking about it in a different thread. It’s Offtopic in this thread.


yes - i know dear :slight_smile: I just mentioned here :slight_smile:


Same here, I am also getting low order in this month and also I can’t find my gig with specific keywords that means I lost my search result from the Fiverr. I don’t know what can I do??:cry:


I think, now this will go to more worse - majority of sellers will not get orders after fiverr “Pro gig” come. This is my personal assumption.


Its may be, but “Pro Gig” for some specific categories


they are testing with some specific categories after they planned to implement in all categories - It will be big mess :slight_smile:


I can’t find the way what should I do? I had a big plan with my growing up business. I also did very well but in this week I am hopeless though.