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I didn't get a single work request till now .going to b frustration

i didn’t get a single work request till now .i am going to be frusted.

You’re probably offering something that’s already there, my man. You have to create demand and offer something unique.

I looked at your gig page. It says “English - Fluent.” It is very apparent by your writing that you are not fluent in English. Since a significant majority of the buyers are from English speaking countries, that can put people off. Have someone fluent in English proofread for your gigs and gig page for you.

Alos it takes time to get orders. I have been here since July. Since then I have written and rewritten four gigs. I have completed eight buyer requests and one job where the buyer sought me out. You need to get some gigs through buyer requests so you can build up your reviews and people will notice and trust you more.

Finally, you need to promote yourself on social media.

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