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I didn't get any job. After complete 1st job

I was finisihed my first job 4 months ago. After that I didn’t get any more job. Anyone can tell me WHY?


You should take a look at the “Tips For Sellers” category in the Fiverr Forum! In that category, you can find some really good tips to get more orders! I hope this helps!


I took a look at your profile and gigs, and the type of service you offer has a bunch of other sellers available, which is why you don’t get orders. It’s not your fault- but you should try something else, that’s less known on Fiverr.
Certain gig categories have HUGE competition, especially now with the pandemic. There’s nothing else you can do besides trying to stand out from the others.


I think you are right

try and create attractive image and title

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Thanks for your tips