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I didn't Get Any Order Yet

Hi, Im New To Fiverr.I Make A New Gig.I didn’t Get Any Order Yet.So Can Some One Please Tell me What Are The Things That I Have To DO With My GIG.

Thank You. :slight_smile:

Please stop capitalizing every first letter of each word, it looks unprofessional and pokemon-y. Second thing is that if you take people for idiots you may stop now, as the previews on your gig are stolen from CreativeMarket and other sources. If you cheat on the first place it’s not a good start for you. Sorry if I’m being harsh, but people like this annoy me the most.

The advice from @lennadesigns is good advice. Here is a link to more tips. If you actually read and apply them, they will help you much more than putting up random “help me” posts.

hello you need to promote your gigs in various social medias and also check “buyer request” section also. most important you need to write seo optimize contents in gig description and choose right “tag”.

Reply to @lennadesigns: I Was Going To Say The Same Thing BUT You Beat Me To It

Reply to @jtengle: dying hahaha :smiley: