I didn't get any orders.. after one order


I got a order and Complete successfully. But I don’t get anymore order

Please help me and suggest me.


I share my gig Facebook, twitter. all social network. But didn’t get order.



make your gigs more atrective


Same problem with me. I also share my gig on social medias, Follow forum and blog regularly, Updated gig professionally. Impression is increasing but I didn’t get any order yet.


attractive mean’s…? what should i do…?


You have many problems.
From the apparent attitude, to the choice of offering, to the pricing.
You may be the most skilled and most nice guy here, but the majority of people don’t care of taking your qualities for granted.
People, at first, judge you using their sensations.

  1. The phrase:

Don’t place any order before contact me feel free to contact me

is imperative in a quite rude way, it has wrong syntax and grammar, and it contradicts itself.

It should be, at the very least:

I would really appreciate if you could contact me before placing an order.
If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message.

  1. Wordpress Gig

You should provide examples of your templates.
If you are providing your service using templates that you bought elsewhere you should clearly state it.

High prices with low delivery times and a rushed explanation translates as “my primary goal is to take many money as possible, and as fast as I can. Please order”.

In the description, you should explain with more detail how you work, rather than trying to convince us that you are awesome at it.

  1. Wordpress SEO

You are offering services of little added value, like adding a site to Google, plugin configuration, sitemap configuration, suggestions (really) and even robot.txt configuration, at premium prices.

Moreover, your intended audience is made of marketing agencies and start-ups. Seriously?
Even an inexperienced could find easier and more remunerative to spend such sums in an AdWords campaign.

  1. Fix website HTML and CSS bug

You declare the following:

It is very important to make fixing you error I would need to access your c-panel, hosting access wherever you uploaded your site. or provide me compressed file

Let’s ignore, for a moment, the bad grammar.

You are asking to someone else the right to place your very hands on their hosting just for the sake to fix HTML and CSS bugs.

To analyze and fix HTML and CSS bugs you can work locally.
Once you have the development tools of a browser of your choice (Firefox, Chrome, and even Edge), Firebug, and XAMPP, you are fine.

Basically it doesn’t work as you think, but the other way around.
You analyze their problem from your side, then you fix the problem, then you send the cleaned file.
Your customers, and not you, will then upload your solution on their hosting.


Thank you sir. i will fix them all


Suggest you put something about your actual experience in your profile description instead of a list of all the things that are available in your gigs. Check other profiles to see how this is completed but do not copy anyone.