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I didn't get any orders in my fiverr gigs

Hey. I created my profile on fiverr before 1 week and i’m still waiting for my first order. I shared my gigs on social media, 14 hrs in online. Plzz check my fiverr gig and tell if anything wrong. I drop my link Plzz help me


Look, you registered on week ago, a lot of people even in normal tones wait for their first order for MONTHS. Right now it’s even tougher because with pandemic a lot of other people decided to try their luck in building business online (and I guess you are one of them). You are offering your services in a very competitive niche.


Thank you so much :heart:

Hello, hope all are good. Some personal opinions to you:

  1. Try to send 10 buyer request daily.
  2. Promote your gigs as much you can.
  3. Try to be active in fiverr and fiverr forum.
  4. Make sure that you gig is 100% error free.

Hope that these will help you to make sales.

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And what if he can’t see buyer requests? What if only 5 request are relevant to his work out of 10?

How’s that going to help to get orders?

I have given my personal opinions that I am following. And I am quite satisfied with these tips.
These helps me to get orders. It’s only personal opinion. I am not telling you to follow mine.

Personal opinion or not you still did answer my questions :thinking:

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Oh boy, the moment I read his response I was on my tiptoes waiting for yours.
And to the author of the topic, you have 3 for 5$ 5 for 10 and 7 for 15. Math is just not right. Why would anyone chose 7 for 15 when they can get 9 for 15$?

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Hello friends

Have a nice day to all
I am a new members in Fiverr. I am slides designer & do perfect data entry in excel
I have 1 year experience.

But I don’t know how to do have a first job
I want to help by all people who have many experience in here
I would like hear your experience


Thank you so much :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Thanks for your tip :heavy_heart_exclamation:

All the best brother❤️

Thanks to all for your tip

vellathum nadakkumoo man, njanum gig indakkitt ordernu waiting aanu

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Enikum ath thanne aanu avastha :rofl::sweat_smile:

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thanks man got some tips

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